Becoming Soap Orchard

At Soap Orchard, our orchard inspired body care helps you feed your skin by using fruits, nuts, and plants from local farms!
We established Soap Orchard in 2014 in Valencia, California. A small suburb of Los Angeles, with sprawling highways lined by orchards, farms, and numerous road-side fruit stands.
Soap Orchard was born out of a labor of love to help my husband (Dee) in his struggle with prolonged skin ailments. After watching him go through many expensive prescription medications, “goopy” ointments, and bad-smelling, sticky solutions, we decided that there had to be a better way to have healthy skin.
Turning to Mother Nature for guidance and inspiration, and listening carefully to our hearts and beliefs, we decided to root our company in the idea of including our local orchard’s harvests in the creation of our body care products. We wanted to make sure Soap Orchard recipes incorporated the best available botanicals. They were also designed with thoughtful consideration of orchard farmers, using their fruits, nuts, and plants whenever possible. These raw ingredients would be infused directly into our soaps, capturing all of the extra benefits of the flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins. All of these beautiful goodies could be absorbed directly into the skin while at the same time giving back by supporting our local orchards and farmers.
In 2015 my husband and I became so passionate about our endeavor, I decided to give up the big city and my big city job to move Soap Orchard to Washington State to pursue these ideas full time. The move allowed us to support not only California growers but also Washington growers. It has opened up excellent new design avenues from the bountiful options available in the entire Western U.S. from fruit to wine production in both states.
At Soap Orchard, we are Nature Inspired and Orchard Designed!
We hope you enjoy our Soap Orchard Body Care products and our great love for the beautiful fruit orchards that we are so lucky to have around us in our country!


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