A New Year!




2016 is a New Year and brings with it a fresh start!





This month we wanted to focus on honey, made in nature and the benefits it can have on your skin!  But before we can talk about its benefits we need to go back a bit and discuss the beginning of honey making.  Honey is made by bees using nectar from flowers, in this case, the Orange Blossom, the most popular type of nectar for honey.   Orange blossoms are among the richest sources of nectar for honeybees.  Under the right conditions and with plenty of warm, sunny weather a strong colony can easily make up to 60 pounds of honey.  Orange blossom honey carries the sweet fragrance of a blooming citrus orchard.

Honey is collected from wild bee colonies or domesticated beehives.  The bees are pacified by using smoke from a bee smoker.  The smoke masks alarm pheromones that can be released by guard bees or bees that may be injured during a beekeeper’s inspection. The smoke creates an opportunity for the beekeeper to open the beehive and work while the colony’s defensive response is interrupted. The honeycomb is removed from the hive and the honey is extracted and filtered removing excess wax and debris. Honey was originally extracted mainly for food.  Then other use cases started to form.  Did you know that honey is the main ingredient in mead, which is a honey wine or beer?  Honey is used as an ingredient because it produces naturally occurring yeast.  As the study of honey progressed it was found that it was also wonderful for the skin.

Honey has the ability to absorb moisture directly from the air, a phenomenon called hygroscopy. This is the main reason I wanted to focus on this lovely ingredient!  Honey is also considered to have trace amounts of compounds implicated to have wound healing properties. For all of these reasons, Soap Orchard has used honey in many of our soaps.

The month of January is our celebration of honey and a fresh start to the New Year!

We are celebrating the honeybee and the orange blossoms it gathers it’s nectar from by featuring our Orange Blossom & Honey Soap.

Orange Blossom & Honey Soap has orange blossom honey blended directly into the soap and acts as an added moisturizer.  Moisturizing, soothing and creating glowing skin are just some of the benefits of honey.  Honey can also be wonderful for acne acting as a natural antibacterial, so it’s great for a treatment and preventer for acne-prone skin.  This wonderful natural moisturizer is full of antioxidants and is said to be great for slowing down the aging process.  Honey is also clarifying because it opens up pores making them easier to unclog during cleansing.  Lastly, for an additional moisturizer to this wonderful soap bar we have added a touch of orange essential oil. The orange’s natural oils can be used to moisturize the skin while also having properties of acting as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  All these amazing skin benefits make Orange Blossom & Honey Soap a great start to the New Year!

We also wanted to celebrate honey by sharing a few natural DIY treatments with you and we hope you enjoy honey this month!

  • Try a honey exfoliator once or twice a week by using a gentle scrub made of two parts honey and one part baking soda.
  • Spot treat a blemish with a drop of honey on a cotton swab and dab it onto your blemish.
  • Enjoy a honey bath by adding two cups of honey to running water in the bath.  Soak for 15 minutes and then add a cup of baking soda for your final 15 minutes.  It will help rid you of dead skin cells without any irritation.

The benefits of honey will make it your skin’s best friend this year!


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