Fall in Spokane!

fallriverfrontparkI wanted to take moment for a personal indulgence.  As many of you know we moved to Spokane Washington back in April and there were many questions about why we chose Spokane.  There was a laundry list of reasons we wanted  to move to Spokane and have a change in lifestyle, but some of them included enjoying nature, beautiful landscape and the four seasons Spokane had to offer.


Greenbluffs Farms. There are 50 different farms in one small area. Awsome! Harvest House in Greenbluffs is where we are selling Soap Orchard products for the Harvest Festival Season.

To show you what it was we were talking about I wanted to post a few pictures from around our neighborhood.  Below is a small sampling of what we see in our area on our morning walks. Enjoy!


This is a shot coming down our street.


One of our neighbor’s trees.


One of our neighborhood greenbelts.


Harley enjoying a romp in the leaves!


Another beautiful greenbelt.


Half Moon Park on a cloudy day, a couple of blocks from our house. The leaves are just starting to turn.

We miss all of you in LA but we also love our new home 🙂

Now we will need to see if winter will be just as beautiful or if we just freeze our booties off 😉


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