September Apples!


Apple’s Apple’s everywhere.  It’s September and it is the season of the Apple.  And here in Washington we definitely know about the Apple!

It’s an exciting time of year filled with color, abundance and variety.  There are more than 7,500 known varieties of apples.  And did you know that the first apple tree was planted in Boston when it came to North America from the colonists?  But the most famous apple of all was the one referred to in religious traditions as the forbidden fruit.  The apple is definitely not forbidden anymore since 80 million tons are grown worldwide. That is a lot of apples!  Most of these apples are used for consumption in foods and baked goods but we took it a step further at Soap Orchard and soaped with them to create one of our popular apple soaps Golden Applejack!Golden-Applejack

There all many wonderful things you can do with apples and besides sharing our Golden Applejack soap with you we want you to experiment on your own with apple and try this Apple Wheatgerm Face exfoliator.  It is wonderfully gentle and the wheatgerm will exfoliate to remove dirt and impurities while the apple puree will provide a glow to the skin.

Apple Wheatgerm Face Exfoliator


1 T of 100% pure applesauce/puree

1 T Wheatgerm

To puree your own apple, remove skin and core then puree in a blender.

Mix the apple puree and wheatgerm in a bowl to form a paste.  Apply the paste to your skin and allow it to set for 10 min then rinse.  Follow by a toner (your favorite apple cider vinegar toner recipe would be great here) and a moisturizer.  Soap Orchard Unscented Lotion makes a great face moisturizer.  This paste works best on washed and steamed skin if possible.

Enjoy September, Fall and Apple this month.

Stay glowing and healthy!


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