Spring Has Sprung Early!!!

20150307_084558_resizedSpring in my garden has sprung early!  It has been so warm in SoCal that if you blinked you missed our winter.  85 degrees today and the garden is loving it.  These are my Kaffer and Calla Lilies.  We are still waiting for most of our Calla Lily flowers to fold open their wonderful white petals.  We usually get so many flowers I can fill every room in the house with their statuesque beauty!  Calla_lily   20150307_084550_resized

And surprise, surprise – our grapes are sprouting early too!  This gorgeous weather is going to bring some early pickings.  You can only guess what that means:  Grape antioxidants juiced down to make a spectacular new soap recipe.  Yeah!

20150307_084412_resized  20150307_084401_resized

Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward 1 hour tonight, if you happen to be in one of the pesky states that move your daylight savings times around.

Til next time, spend some time in your garden.  Its good for the soul.

Stay Clean!


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